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Dr. Walter Struckl, Siemens Mobility Austria GmbH

TRA 2024

TRA 2024

We had the opportunity to present our innovative project, Pods4Rail, at the 2024 edition of the most important Conference on cross-modal transport research, the Transport Research Arena (TRA), held in Dublin the 15 to 18 of April 2024.

During the 4 days conference there were the opportunity to learn more about Pods4Rail through a poster and presentations.

Dr. Walter Struckl, Siemens Mobility Austria GmbH, held a presentation at the EURNEX session at the “Research Village Associations” Stand in the main Hall to a very interested crowd.

Additionally, Dr. Struckl participated as a distinguished speaker in Special Session 6.5, titled “Disruptive Sustainable and Smart Guided Transport Solutions as Part of Europe’s Future Mobility?”, moderated by Judit Sándor (Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking).

The panel engaged in a discussion on the future of the mobility system, addressing the rising demand for personalized transport services and the potential integration, complementarity, and benefits of new technologies within existing transport networks and proven solutions.

During the Pods4rail presentation we asked what the next “big thing” for railways will be? As recent technologies and trends will enable new forms of mobility the Pods4Rail project aims to improve the transport system with new transfer options such as detachable and individual transport units for passengers- or cargo-pods and create scalable transport units in various configurations that will operate on road and rail-carrier units using automated handling systems for transfer. Connect the sustainable rail system with other modes of transport and create synergies to reduce the carbon footprint of the entire mobility system – road, air and sea transport.

Transport Research Arena

The Transport Research Arena is Europe’s largest transport research conference, bringing together researchers, industry experts, and policymakers to discuss and share the latest advancements in transport and mobility. The conference is a key platform for showcasing innovations and creating networking opportunities within the transport sector.


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